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  Attractive Franchise Restaurant
  글쓴이 : 변호사     날짜 : 08-07-22 05:57     조회 : 3213    

Franchise Restaurant For Sale (ID Number: bk11-5326)

Location: Southland Mall
Area: San Francisco Bay Area
County: Alameda
City: Hayward
Asking Price: $159,000
Annual Revenue: $312,000
Annual Adjusted Net: call/Email

운영하기 쉬운 프렌차이즈 식당, 급매로 인한 가격인하, E-2 신분변경에도 유리 함. 최근 완공 공사비 $450,000,
프렌차이즈 해약 가능 및 Non-Franchise로 더 많은 매출 기대 됨.

This Attractive Restaurant Was Recently Built At A Cost Of Close To $450,000.
It Is Currently A Franchise Operation Which Should Probably Be Changed To An
Independently Operated Business to Maximize Sales and Profits.
Banquette Seating and Stained Concrete Floors. 2 Blenders, Convection Oven, 2 Steamers, 3 Full Door Freezer,
Walk-In Refrigerator, 5' Display Refrigerator Case, Ice Machine,
Compartment Sink + Rinse Hose, etc.
There Is Also An Office Area, Storage And Prep Area.

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